When Should You Start A Website?

If you are a freelancer, or thinking about starting your freelance career, you might be wondering if you need a website to showcase your awesome recording or mixing skills to get hired for more work.

Of course, a website can be important to show your portfolio and display various records you have worked at, as well as having testimonials from clients to establish your credibility.

But if you are starting out and haven't worked on at least a few records/EP's, your potential website could look a bit empty.

 You might even be wondering if you should start a website or not?

Or, maybe you have but you are still unsure if it would help your business?

There are a few things I recommend you do before you decide to start a website and start spending money on a domain name and a monthly/yearly subscription on Squarespace or WordPress.

1. Build your portfolio

If you haven't got a portfolio yet it's time to start creating one. The most effective way is to offer your service for free to any band or artist you know, either online or offline, in exchange for you to use it in your portfolio. Also, ask if you can get a testimonial after the work is done that you will display on your website.

The added benefit with this is that if you do a kick-ass job, that free recording/mix you did might just have the artist come back to you for other, paid, work in the future.

2. Research the market

Having an awesome portfolio online is great, however, to make a living in today's music world requires that you are able to work in many areas, especially when starting out.

Therefore, just showing, for example, your mixing skills might not give you a lot of work straight away so it's important to research what people want and need.

What I mean by this, and this is the same principle Ramit Sethi teaches his business students, you got to research what people are struggling with, what their pains are, what do they want help with?

Find out where they hang out, online or offline? Go meet them or engage with them online, ask them questions about their problems and find out more information.

For example, beyond just offering your record/mixing services, you can go to various Facebook groups or various subreddits where musicians hang out, or where podcast makers discuss their various problems with audio, maybe there's even a place where YouTubers go to get help with the audio/music for their channel?

What you are looking for in these different places are peoples pains and struggles, for example, maybe there's a podcast who is really struggling with the sound quality and editing of his or her podcast, same with a YouTuber or a musician.

So, beyond you just offering a straight recording and mixing service you can also start to offer these people a solution to their other problems. And the more people you can serve and add value to, the more work will come your way.

Having said this, I don't think it's a good idea to offer too many services on your website, for example, beyond your recording or mixing service, having a few other services are fine but if you are offering everything from music recording to location recording on films, ADR, podcast recording/editing you might start to confuse people to what you are actually offering.

I hope this helps with your question about starting a website. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!