What's The Best Way To Promote Your Music?

This a common struggle amongst bands and musicians. Even for people who want to promote their recording or mixing skills. Hey, even this blog. 

Most bands seem to fall into the trap of thinking they need a full social media package. Packed with promoted posts that they keep spending money on. Does it work, do people actually show up to your shows or buy your music when you spend money on promoted posts? 

The very talented Ramit Sethi (https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com) did a social media experiment where he spent $2 million to investigate the people who claim to make thousands of dollar every day using social media and Facebook ads. Now, even though he investigated people who are mainly selling courses etc. we can compare it to bands, or your own studio, using promoted posts on Facebook to promote your art. Does it actually earn you money?


In his experiment, Ramit found that even though he got shit tons of likes and subscribers by promoted posts, almost none of them bought anything. 

He was still earning most of his money on his email list that he has built over a long period of time. A list that I’m on and the value he gives you in his emails are great and for free. This is how he eventually sells his products. Because if his free emails are that great, how amazing won't his paid courses be? 

I’m really interested in knowing if this thinking can be applied to music and art? Can we as artists (musicians, engineers etc.) create an equal desire in people so that they can't wait to, for example, hear your music? Can you build an email list yourself where you offer people great behind-the-scenes footage, help people with their musical struggles and eventually sell your music to? 

Perhaps you can start building your own email list by offering a free EP to everyone who signs up? Of if you are promoting your mixing skills, a free mix consultation to anyone who signs up. 

I’m super curious to hear your ideas and what you think of this concept. Let me know in the comments.