Do You Need To Work 14-Hour Days To Succeed? Discuss.

Having worked in many recording studios in London and talking to people in the music industry, working 12-14 hour days is very common.

However, is this necessary to succeed or is much of it down to fear?

The fear I’m talking about is the perceived fear that if you are not working around the clock you might be risking losing clients, losing money, not being able to meet deadlines and missing opportunities.

The fear of it all stopping where no one calls you anymore might also be a big fear factor that drives you to work around the clock.

But, again, is working more hours the answer and the right preventive to stay ahead of the fear and the competition?

In my opinion, no.

Of course, when you have the pressure of bills pressing it can be hard to stop, but as Herb Trawick put it when I asked him about this a few months ago:

You have to, both emotionally and intellectually, maintain a balance which can be very hard when bills are pressing or problems are brewing. However, relationships are very important, such as family or significant others, but it often gets overlooked.
Also, whether you are male or female, trying to be macho about it, where you think you can just power through and “man up” is not always the best idea either.
— Herb Trawick

Having worked in this environment I don’t see any benefits of working around the clock all the time. And, as Herb stated, it can also affect people’s personal lives, which, I believe is important if you want to sustain a long career in music.

Why can’t you have a great career working “only” 8-hour days, 5 days a week? Or, half that, 4-hour days, 3 days a week?

As Tim Ferriss stated: What if you did the opposite?


I believe if you work smarter and harder, harder being to stay away from distractions (like Facebook and Instagram) and only doing one thing at the time, you can achieve great results too. I know I have.

To check some other interesting things on this subject check out Tim’s blog HERE

Set Tighter Deadlines

Without coming across as a Tim Ferriss fan girl, but his comment about setting tighter deadlines can be worth thinking about and help you accomplish more in less hours.

Tim said,

Since we have eight hours to fill, we fill eight hours. If we had 15, we would fill 15.
Time is wasted in proportion to the amount that is available
— Tim Ferriss

Basically, the more hours you give yourself to complete a task, you will most likely use those hours. Instead, if you give yourself less hours and a tighter deadline, you can accomplish what you set out to do in a shorter space of time.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about this. why do you think people are workaholics and does working more hours mean you will succeed?