Rayan Bailouni - Changing The Music Industry In Dubai

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- Are you a home studio owner or professional audio engineer who is struggling to find clients?

- Do you want to build relationships and find more artists to work with?

- Are you struggling what to say or write to bands to make them come back to you?

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Rayan Bailouni is a music producer, engineer and songwriter based in Dubai. He is not only working with local artists but is also working very hard to change the landscape of the music scene in Dubai and is already seeing a very positive change.

In this conversation you will hear about Rayan’s journey from studying commercial and industrial biotechnology in Newcastle to becoming a producer in Dubai.

  • The challenges he encountered in his first years and how he found clients

  • How Dubai’s music industry is changing and Rayan’s involvement in that

  • Also, Rayan’s goal of breaking the cultural stigma that has been surrounding Dubai and the UAE

  • The positive change by Dubai’s government opening up to more technologies, such as Spotify

  • He also talks about the lack of venues and how that affects musicians, himself as a producer and the music community

Check out Rayan’s work here: https://www.rayanproducer.net/