How To Defeat Your Inner Perfectionist and Start Releasing More Music

Had the pleasure of writing this article for SonicScoop about how to defeat your inner perfectionist and start releasing more music.

If you are struggling perfectionism and not releasing as much music as you would like, I gave some useful tips and techniques from Tim Ferriss and Tony Robbins that I hope can help you.

Check it out on HERE.

Bob Rock - Working with Metallica and the Importance of Performances

Had the pleasure of interviewing Bob Rock who has produced record such as Metallica - Black Album, Mötley Crüe - Dr. Feelgood, Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith and many other great records.

In this interview, Bob opens up about how performance is key, how to manage different inputs and feelings from band members, favourite failures, the story behind the production of St. Anger, challenges and stories behind The Black Album, and so much more in this wide ranging interview.

Check it on HERE